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The Swift boilerplate with all you need to build your app, AI tool, or game, and make your first $ online fast.

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Made by the ex-Apple Engineer
that made Siri work offline.

3 hrs to build a login page

+4 hrs to design and build an onboarding

+5 hrs to create an optimized paywall

+4 hrs setup and handle payments

+4 hrs to start calling OpenAI APIs, add retryer and error handling

+1 hr to add logging all around

+3 hrs to add analytics events

+ hrs of overthinking...

= 24+ hours of pain

 There's an easier way

let launchTime = Date();

Supercharge your app instantly, launch faster, make $

Login users, process payments and add a paywall at lightspeed. Spend your time building your app, not integrating APIs. ShipAppFast provides you with the boilerplate code you need to launch, FAST.

❯  Track your users' usage
❯  Avoid logging from testing devices & simulators
❯  Understand cohorts behaviors (funnels, free form, path exploration)
❯  Attach common params (locale, app version)
❯  Time saved: 3 hours
❯  Pain: 0

Google Analytics

❯  A view controller with the ability to login
❯  Apple Auth
❯  Google & Facebook OAuth 2.0
❯  Ability to request users to enable notifications
❯  Time saved: 3 hours

❯  Handles payments with Apple StoreKit 2
❯  Subscriptions & in-app purchases
❯  Receipt refresh
❯  Analytics
❯  Time saved: 4 hours


❯  First introduction to your app
❯  Integrated with Analytics
❯  Understand users demographics
❯  Explain how the app works & benefits
❯  Optimized (UX, remaining steps, length, animation)

❯  Time saved: 4 hours

❯  Show case benefits and reviews
❯  Integrated with Analytics & Payments modules
❯  Access to purchase (lifetime) option, monthly, and yearly subscriptions
❯  Access to restoring previous purchases, privacy, and terms of use
❯  Time saved: 5 hours

❯  Start using chat completion in seconds
❯  Ability to use primary (cheaper) and secondary (more expensive) models
❯  25% more reliable, with preset retryer
❯  Observability (errors and latency)
❯  Models switchback for rate limits, timeouts, excess of tokens

❯  Time saved: 4 hours


❯  Local logging, warn | debug | error | info
❯  Remote configurations
❯  A/B testing
❯  Experimentation
❯  Copy paste code templates
❯  Dead simple tutorials

❯  Time saved: ∞ hours

Hey, it's Luca

Hi I am Luca, ex- software engineer who is currently working as indie dev on a series of apps.
I launched 3 apps in 3 months while working a full time job. The reason why I am fast is that I have a series of modules I always use for my apps to avoid much boilerplate code to be written again and again.

As someone just starting to build an app, this toolkit is sensational


Save hours of repetitive code, ship fast, get profitable!

100$ OFF for the first 200 customers (56 left)

Analytics & Insights

A/B Experiment & Remote Configs

Social Logins

Payments & Subscriptions

ChatGPT completion

Optimized Paywall


Lifetime updates

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Analytics & Insights

A/B Experiment & Remote Configs

Social Logins

Payments & Subscriptions

ChatGPT completion

Optimized Paywall


Lifetime updates Last updated on June 1st

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Get ShipAppFast
Pay once. Build unlimited projects!

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Take a look at some of the apps built with ShipAppFast

If I Recall Correctly

Helps users memorize contents, from web to books, by leveraging summarization, audio & visual queues and mnemonics.

in revenue in 3 months


Trip planner app able to create a travel itinerary considering opening times, user's schedule, as well as locals' insights.

in revenue


Modules Under Development

I am constantly building new modules and with the All-in pack you will get access to any new modules I launch in the future, for free. Below are some of the modules coming in the next week or two.

A great way to keep user retention high is by using gamification techniques, such as streaks and badges. This module will help keep track of usage and provide a customizable small widget to embed in your app to showcase user streaks and progress.

2D Open World Gaming SDK

Are you building a game? This module is for you! Forget about handling game dynamics (moving between scenes), user touch control (or gamepad), user life, skills, quests, and journal. This module takes care of all of this using Apple SpriteKit and GameplayKit (Entity-Component framework). ~25K LOC.


Sending notifications is easy. Sending notifications at the right time with a great scheduler is hard. You don't want to annoy your users with too frequent notifications, but you want to send just enough to keep them engaged and maximize in-app time.

Boost your app, launch, earn

Don't waste time on paywall, subscriptions or designing a pricing section...


What do I get exactly?

The Swift starter kit with all the boilerplate code you need to run an online business: a payment system, login, onboarding, paywall, and much more.

How often is ShipAppFast updated?

Every 1-2 weeks. I have more modules in the work. For instance, I am working on a notification manager that sends notifications at the right time to bring users back. Additionally, I am developing a gamification module that keeps track of streaks.

How is ShipAppFast better than other boilerplates?

This is Apple quality code, written by an ex-Apple Senior Software Engineer.

Can I get a refund?

After you've got access to the repo, ShipAppFast is yours forever, so it can't be refunded.

Are there any other costs associated?

The only library used with associated costs is RevenueCat, which however requires 1% only if your app surpasses $2500 monthly recurring revenue.

Can I use PayPal?

Yes! You can send over the USD equivalent of the plan you want to purchase ($69 or $99) to my PayPal account:

Once done, please email me your GitHub username so I can give you access to the repo.