This module is built on top of RevenueCat. RevenueCat provides some helper functionality in addition to dashboards and analytics and it's free until you make $2500 monthly and just 1% for apps that make $2.5K or more on a monthly basis.

Fetch Products

Fetch all available products for your app. All products are collected and available at any point.

Notify When Ready

Get notified once all products are loaded and you are ready to display the UI, like a paywall for instance.


Handle purchases of products, both subscriptions and in-app purchases.


Handle restoring previous purchases.

The Payment module is fully integrated with both the Paywall module, so that you can display the user with the available options, as well as the Analytics module, so that you can track paying users vs. not.

Apple requires you to use their backend APIs to validate receipts, in order to process payment correctly. However, by adopting this module you don't need to have a server.